We Are Louisiana Generators

We know that purchasing a generator is a big investment for most people and we truly understand the worry and questions that come with important investments. We are a family owned and operated generator company, and we understand. Like many of you, we have gone through the same things you are going through during a power outage. We know what a blessing a generator can be during an outage. Unfortunately, have also heard “generator nightmares” from consumers throughout our many years in business.  We want you to feel empowered and give you the knowledge to make the right decision when having a generator installation. 


Having a Generator, you paid thousands of dollars for that didn’t start during
the power outage!!

A sad but a familiar story here at Louisiana Generators, our office receives hundreds of calls after a storm from frantic generator owners needing a service tech. Many consumers chose to purchase a generator online and have them installed by a company that does not provide service. Though the install may go just fine, the problem comes when a repair is needed during an extremely busy power outage.

There are far more companies that sell generators, then companies that service generators. Finding a company who is not already frantic servicing their own customer’s generator or either taking advantage of the demands of people ready to buy a generator now that the person may not be back for days. generator.

We are Louisiana Generators, a locally owned and family operated generator company that has been installing and servicing generators since 2004. We offer Maintenance Contracts with priority service, and techs available 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. That’s our Guarantee. Give us a call today!!  (225) 224-3005

Why A Generac Standby Generator

Never feel powerless with the #1 selling home standby generator. Choose the generators that four out of five families have already installed. Emergency power will be available for your home or business with the preferred 24/7 backup power protection of Generac.